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Upcoming Titles
Falstaff: Apotheosis
Pierre Senges, translated by Jacob Siefring
November 5, 2019 / Order
926 Years
Kyle Coma-Thomspon & Tristan Foster
January 21, 2020 / Pre-Order
Monthly Mailings
October 2019
Fabio Morábito, translated by Curtis Bauer
November 2019
Imogen Reid, Kyle Coma-Thompson & Tristan Foster
December 2019
José Eduardo Agualusa, translated by Daniel Hahn
SUBLUNARY EDITIONS is a small, independent press with a focus on short texts, isolated or en masse. It is edited by Joshua Rothes. Launching in July 2019, the press's cornerstone project is a series of monthly mailings featuring new short fiction, poetry, essays, etc. The first long-form (relatively speaking) projects will be announced this summer.

We are currently not taking submissions. This may or may not change at some point in the future.

For general inquiries, please contact Joshua Rothes at

For questions related to problems with orders, or other store-related questions, contact