The Archive

July 2019

"Sensorium" by Christina Tudor-Sideri Download
"Baroque Barrens" by Mónica Belevan Download

August 2019

"Accident Index" by Noor Al-Samarrai Download
"Farewell, Paul, Farewell" by Judson Hamilton Download

September 2019

"Red Is the Color of Attention" by S.D. Chrostowska Download
"Thirsty" by Evan Lavender-Smith Download

October 2019

"Vallejo's Lookout", "Short Sentences", "Poets Do Not Write Books" by Fabio Morábito, translated by Curtis Bauer Download

November 2019

"The Bakelite Telephone" by Imogen Reid Download
"Shelly Valentine" from 926 Years by Kyle Coma-Thompson and Tristan Foster Download

December 2019

"The Best Bed in the World" and "The Outrageous Baobab" by José Eduardo Agualusa, translated by Daniel Hahn Download

January 2020

"Rosedwood. Certified. Sustainable." by Derick Dupré Download
"Automatic / Typewriter Keys" by Damian Kelleher Download

February 2019

"Bohemian Sailor of the Gulf" by Ipshita Mitra Download
"The Rising Abyss" and "Long Course" by Joël Gayraud, translated by S.D. Chrostowska Download

March 2020

"Death and the Girls" by Vik Shirley Download
"Girls on the Edge", "Poem About Zeno" by Zachary Schomburg Download
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