Falstaff: Apotheosis
Pierre Senges, translated by Jacob Siefring
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Release: November 5, 2019
4.5" X 7"

A hilarious apologia for perhaps the most maligned of Shakespeare's minor characters, Falstaff: Apotheosis revisits Henry IV's beloved coward, seen here a most complicated fellow, or misunderstood at the very least: for all of the insults, is he not, after all, a master practitioner of the "heroism of humiliation" and progenitor of epic naps?

Falstaff’ s apotheosis was to have played dead on the battlefield, to have fooled the assassin without letting the spectators down, to have gotten back up without a single witness; and to have gone on living a year or two after that first droll sacrifice.

Here we are given full survey of his foibles and finer points by one of France's most intriguing authors, translated with apt fervor by Jacob Siefring.

Most recently in translation, Senges published Geometry in the Dust with Inside the Castle, also translated by Jacob Siefring, and with illustrations by Killoffer. Other notable translations include The Major Refutation: English version of Refutatio major, attributed to Antonio de Guevara (1480—1545) (2016, tr. Jacob Siefring) and Fragments of Lichtenberg (2017, tr. Gregory Flanders). He is the author of fifteen books and more than seventy plays for radio.
In addition to the previously mentioned book-length translations, Jacob Siefring’ s short translations have been featured in BOMB Magazine, Gorse Journal, The White Review, Hotel, and Music & Literature.